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Improving business management and team proactivity through adaptive synchronicity 

Welcome to Supreme Consulting International Management


We are a UK based company, specialising in delivering solutions for your business.  We work with organisations of all sizes and primarily in the Healthcare Sector.

From specialist recruitment assistance, team values improvement, coaching and leadership management HR services and specialist legal advice tailored to both the employer and employee , we can assist your business development.

As professional Management Consultants and members of Institute of Consulting we can provide tailored analysis for your business and create solutions while also helping meet your business goals.   We can provide objectivity and a fresh viewpoint for your business  and identify opportunities to grow business, increase profits, and boost efficiency, that fits with your timescale and budget,


We are committed to providing the necessary guidance you need in order to take action.  From making strategic decisions to understanding what your logical next steps are,  we are here to guide you through any and all processes.  With our help, you will transform your plans in no time.

Potential is our Business


The Jigsaw Discovery Tool helps individuals to reach their full potential through a high impact, memorable learning experience that benefits the person, the team and the whole organisation.


Using the Jigsaw Discovery Tool you develop strong leadership from the bottom to the top and high performance teams throughout your organisation. The learning experience isn’t focused on process management, but on human potential - the concept of cultivating the extraordinary, untapped potential that lies within all of us is the way that forward thinking business creates far reaching, long lasting results.

By integrating recent neuroscience findings into the business world, Jigsaw Learning Experiences are at the leading edge of human development, providing insights into how to drive change in behaviour and in turn improve performance.

The Jigsaw Discovery Tool is more than a profiling tool. It is a 64-piece puzzle that takes learners through an experience. It is a journey of self-discovery, working with core values and beliefs helping individuals to understand how differences in behaviour can impact upon how we communicate, how we build relationships and how effective we are at work.


As a learning tool, it is flexible in its delivery and promises a fresh and vibrant approach to learning. As an example Jigsaw learning experiences can offer development programs to impact the following areas:

  • Self awareness

  • Communications Skills

  • Effective Teamwork

  • Negotiating Effectively

  • Managing Change

  • Enhancing Leadership


This, in turn, has a strong positive impact upon:

  • Team performance

  • Customer service

  • Sales force effectiveness

  • Leadership excellence

Jigsaw at work.png

"Each time you use the Jigsaw tool you think of another angle where it could be applied – personality clashes, team building, customer service, implementing change, the list is endless."

- Michelle Yankah, Learning & Development, South Oxfordshire District Council



There are many benefits to using a consultant to assist with your business, specialist knowledge in areas such as recruitment of healthcare professionals, building and retaining successful teams and management and leadership consulting can allow you the freedom to spend your time doing the things in your business that you love.

We offer a number of services such as; legal employment advice tailored specifically for employers or employees, compiling profiles for care practitioners to recruit individuals that fit your team and reduce turnover, providing training in leadership skills to allow you to maximise the profits in your company.

There are a number of phases during a consultancy project

  • Initial meeting to discuss your requirements and identify any current issues, prior to contract;

  • Collection of data relevant to your issues;

  • Conduct a diagnosis of the current situation

  • Provide feedback and ideas

  • Finally, the implementation of the project 


Mariusz Waluk established SCIM management consultancy and is Managing Director of both SCIM and his own Healthcare company, Gaudium  Ltd.  Mariusz has extensive Management experience in the Healthcare Industry and has strong established international connections.

With qualifications including NVQ Level 7 in Management & Leadership and currently completing his Doctorate in Business Administration with Cambridge Management and Leadership School, Mariusz is also a Fellow of CMI (Chartered Management Institute) and AoHT (Association of Healthcare Trainers) as a qualified trainer.  

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