Employ the right people with the right values, attitudes and behaviours.

We are here to help you invest wisely in your people - the competitive edge in any business using results focused methods.  

Dynamic organisations need effective employees who can deliver as individuals and as a member of the team. We use science, research and expertise to help you to hire and develop people who will make a positive impact in your organisation.

Values-based recruitment and retention is about finding and keeping people who have the right attitude and know what it means to provide high quality care. 

We provide employers with processes that identify values-based behaviours based on Jungian psychological theory that staff are expected to demonstrate and which impact on the success of an employee's training, development, and retention.

Assess for Values
          Hire more effectively

The impact of values-based recruitment

  • Total cost of recruitment falls by an average of 22.8%

  • 72% of employers reported that staff employed and supported using ’values-based’ approach perform better

  • 75% stated that staff recruited for their core values have greater understanding of social care values including empathy and dignity

  • 62% agreed that staff recruited for values have lower rates of sickness and absence

  • Staff turnover dropped by 6.4% for employers who recruited for values

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