Team Development

Coaching for lasting performance improvement.


This service is designed to support individuals and teams to make tangible, significant and lasting improvements to performance.

Jigsaw Discovery Tool
                 Brain Friendly Profiling

The Jigsaw Discovery Tool helps individuals to reach their full potential through a high impact, memorable learning experience that benefits the person, the team and the whole organisation. Using the Jigsaw Discovery Tool you develop strong leadership from the bottom to the top and high performance teams throughout your organisation. The learning experience isn’t focused on process management, but on human potential - the concept of cultivating the extraordinary, untapped potential that lies within all of us is the way that forward thinking business creates far reaching, long lasting results.



Getting Results


The Jigsaw Discovery Tool has been designed to deliver long lasting results. You will see behaviours transformed, innovation and collaboration become the norm and expectations exceeded with a new sense of energy and purpose. Getting results is what the Jigsaw Discovery Tool is all about because it is a memorable experience that remains with each individual long after most similar behaviour discovery solutions have been forgotten. It demonstrates how participants can make the best use of their strengths and how to develop areas in which they are not as strong in order to improve performance.


For individuals, the Jigsaw Discovery Tool can help to:

  • Become more confident in professional relationships with peers and clients

  • Be more aware of their own behavior and communication style with others

  • Have a better understanding of the behaviour of others

  • Be able to anticipate reactions in different situations

  • Learn how to develop a flexible approach to their working style

  • Avoid conflict and resolve issues quickly and effectively

  • Accommodate and appreciate the strengths of others rather than focus on weaknesses


For team leaders and managers, the Jigsaw Discovery Tool can help to:

  • Manage team performance

  • Make appraisals a positive experience

  • Design roles more effectively

  • Build more successful teams

  • Manage difficult behaviour

  • Value individual diversity

  • Monitor employee engagement

  • Enhance customer experience

Our Global Presence


For over a decade the Jigsaw Discovery Tool has been used to deliver award winning learning and development programmes. Our programmes are delivered throughout the UK and in the UAE, Qatar, Singapore, Russia, Malta, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Europe and The Baltic States. Currently the Jigsaw Discovery Tool is available in both Arabic and English.

How it works

The program will be delivered as an interactive workshop incorporating individual profiling, team exercises and discussion.  Recommended number of delegates is 15 to 20 per workshop

Contact us today to learn how the specifically tailored combination of coaching techniques and activities can be used to deliver this workforce-enhancing tool to your team.

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